T4 smart IOT ecosystem

Strap in for an amazing journey through the wonders of our T4 Smart IoT Ecosystem!

We have a gadget for any home automation application that you could think of!
The best part is that you can control all those gadgets from anywhere on the internet effortlessly!
The entirety of your home automation system is at your fingertips!
Don’t worry, we won’t leave you behind, no matter what OS you use. Our app is available on both iOS and Android operation systems!
Now let’s take a look at some of the gadgets!

Smart Lock

With our Wireless Smart Lock, you can easily unlock your door remotely.

You can open the door via the fingerprint scanner, entering the code, flashing the NFC card or by simply using the mechanical key.

You can choose temporary and time-dependent passwords and share them with your guest or share access to your housemates via a simple email!

Smart Switch

These are not the ordinary switches you might have in mind. These are smart switches that can be controlled through our T4 Smart app, and via voice control through google assistant.

They can also be set to work with different automation “scenes”. More on that later!

Infrared Remote Control Gateway

Control Any ‘Infrared Device’ @ Your Home!

  • This is one of the true blessings of having a smart home. You don’t have to change any of the IR-controlled devices to make it compatible with our App! It just works!
  • Our app has an extensive library of IR codes that work with every device!


Gaming Console

Air Conditioner

Ceiling Fan

Power Saving

  • The best part is that you can control all of the said devices with Google assistant voice control. Or you could simply set automation rules for how they should operate according to the conditions you like at home! Could it get any better than that

Smart & Secure CCTV

Smart Doorbell with Motion Detection

Take a look at the modern dog! This smart doorbell can not only send you a live feed of the person at your door and let your converse with them, but it can also help you watch the surroundings of your home via motion detection automation features.

For example, it can snap a photo of whoever comes at your door and turn on the lights so they would think you’re home!

Smart Wireless Door Sensor for Alarm / Automation

Wireless door sensors use our zigbee and magnetic technology to detect whether the door is open or closed. They are super reliable, lightweight and easy to install.
The door’s open for more than 5 minutes? The aircon turns off!
They can help you reduce your electricity cost and could be set to trigger alarm in times of the day when you’re not home!
The possibilities of automation scenarios are quite endless!

Smart Combustible Gas Detector

Essential for every home!

Well, normal gas detectors can’t send an alarm to your phone while you’re away from your home and perhaps when it’s needed the most. When you can get an early prompt, you can prevent a disaster!

Not only that, but this system also informs you and logs lower levels of leakage as well! giving you much needed time to fix the issues before the become a much bigger issue!

Smart Motion Sensors

Do you remember lights turning on automatically in sci-fi movies? Well! It’s a reality today and now!

This is easily one of the easiest ways to add more fun and accuracy to your home automation system.

You can set motion sensors to turn on the lights! Save you power when no one’s in the room! Or be used an alarm system when you’re not home!

T4 IoT Google Nest Mini

Full Voice Control

Talk to Google!

We couldn’t tell you how convenient a google home automation system can be when you’re about to sleep and don’t want to get off the bed to adjust the air conditioner or turn off that annoying light! We will however do a small demo with google assistant later in the video.
You can ask Google Nest Mini to control most of your smart devices, teach your about history, do mathematical calculations, translate languages and many more features added by Google every day!

Smart Control Panels

T4 IoT Control Panel

Smart control panels are always-on devices that can come in handy when you’re talking to the person behind the door. You can see them and speak with them.

You can also turn everything off when you’re leaving home with one single tap without having to search for your phone and the T4 Smart app. Our app is always open in the control panel. Always ready to service you in the best way possible.

Special versions of our control panels can have a thermostat knob which helps to instantly adjust the temperature of the house or the room you’re in. It couldn’t get more convenient than that.

Smart Finder

You can track anything or anyone with our low-power and Long-battery-life Bluetooth trackers.

Are you worried about your kids in a crowded shopping mall?

Does your beautiful bird fly too far from your house?

Do you want to make sure you know where your car is in case of a theft?

Do you often lose your keychain?

This is the answer. Simple, Unique and Reliable precision tracking gadget for all.

Smart Band

Body Temperature, Oxygen, Blood Pressure & Heartrate Monitoring

With the always-connected smart bands, you can monitor the health progress of yourself, your children, or the elderly at home. Send them messages, reminder to take their medicine and monitor their health for a better peace of mind.

The oxygen meter, pulse meter and temp meter together can tell you a lot about your loved one’s health. You can detect their fever before they realize it themselves and send it to your family doctor for an early treatment that usually works the best.

Smart Foldable Wireless Electric Wheelchair

We even have a smart Wheelchair! You can get the exact location of your elderly or disabled family member. They will never have to be worried about losing contact with you.
The wheelchair is so convenient that it folds with one click, has navigation built in and can guide you through your destination with precise location tracking.

Smart Air Purifier / Ionizer

Does it tell you what is the percentage of air purity?

Does it automatically turn on and off according to changing air purity conditions?

Can you turn it on with a simple tap on an app?

All of that is possible with our version of Air purification. Perhaps the best part is that due to its smart power saving functions, it will last longer than a conventional air purifier. Because it’s only on when needed.

Smart Bluetooth Pet Feeder

  1. How would you know how many times your pet has been fed today? 
  2. How could you customize the feeding schedule with a few simple taps on your phone?
  3. How about linking your pet feeder to the sunset, sunrise or temperature outside?

All of the unique features and automations can be done with our Smart pet feeder. It will also warn you should the food run out or maybe when it’s close to running out.

Smart Wireless Fish Feeder

Watch your fish grow happier and healthier every day with automated and on-demand feeding.
Home automation can turn living into a dream living.

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart vacuum cleaners are small. But they are persistent and smart!
You can set the vacuum cleaner to regularly clean the kitchen more often than the other areas in the house.
It will give you a full report of how many times it has cleaned the house for you. You can let it map the house and let it come back to its charging port on its own.

Voice Control

Navigate and interact with your device using your voice.

-Turn On/Off All The Lights
-Turn On/Off The Kitchen Lights
-What Is The Phone Number Of The Nearest McDonalds?
-Turn On/Off The TV