Smart Farming

For A Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Agro-Food Production

What is a Smart Farm?

Smart Farming is an arising idea that alludes to overseeing ranches utilizing current Information and Communication Technologies to build the amount and nature of items while advancing the human work required.

Among the technologies available for present-day farmers are:

  • Sensor: soil, water, light, humidity, temperature management
  • Software: specialized software solutions that target specific farm types or use case agnostic IoT platform
  • Connectivity: cellular, LoRa, etc.
  • Location: GPS, Satellite, etc.
  • Robotics: autonomous tractors, processing facilities, etc.
  • Data Analytics: standalone analytics solutions, data pipelines for downstream solutions, etc.
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With the persistent expansion in the total populace, interest for food supply is very raised. Governments are assisting ranchers with utilizing progressed procedures and examination to build food creation. Shrewd cultivating is one of the quickest developing fields in IoT.

Ranchers are utilizing significant experiences from the information to yield a superior profit from venture. Detecting for soil dampness and supplements, controlling water utilization for plant development, and deciding custom manure are some basic employments of IoT.

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