Smart Farming

For A Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Agro-Food Production

What is a Smart Farm?

Smart Farming is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using modern Information and Communication Technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the human labor required.

Among the technologies available for present-day farmers are:

  • Sensor: soil, water, light, humidity, temperature management
  • Software: specialized software solutions that target specific farm types or use case agnostic IoT platform
  • Connectivity: cellular, LoRa, etc.
  • Location: GPS, Satellite, etc.
  • Robotics: autonomous tractors, processing facilities, etc.
  • Data Analytics: standalone analytics solutions, data pipelines for downstream solutions, etc.
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With the continuous increase in the world’s population, demand for food supply is extremely raised. Governments are helping farmers to use advanced techniques and research to increase food production. Smart farming is one of the fastest-growing fields in IoT.

Farmers are using meaningful insights from the data to yield a better return on investment. Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, controlling water usage for plant growth, and determining custom fertilizer are some simple uses of IoT. 

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